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RhythmiaBreath Founder, CEO

Sherezade Ruano

Sherezade Ruano is the founder of RhythmiaBreath Medical Wellness programme. An initiative, which in 2017 granted the credential of being the first method in the UK to combine modern medicine with holistic practices for the Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases and Mental Wellbeing. Passionate about the importance of mental wellbeing, stress and trauma, Sherezade recently developed this online course for all NHS employees and healthcare professionals based on building resilience, managing emotions, mindfulness and breathing techniques. She currently combines her role as an Arrhythmia Specialist Nurse at Imperial College NHS Trust, with her private practice as a Stress management expert and Wellness Consultant in Central London. "I am delighted to have you in this online course. I hope you find insightful content that can support you navigate the difficulties we are all facing. My heart has no beats to thank you for being here." Sherezade